Griffis Sculpture Park

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Griffis Sculpture Park

Just like an opening of a flower, the fields of Griffis Sculpture Park appear to come alive at the sight of Spring.  At Griffis Sculpture Park, where nature combines with art, visitors hike along the trail in the woods to then come upon enormous sculptures in the fields.  Adults like the park because it has beauty like no other, while children like the park because you can climb on some of the sculptures!  Fun to visit in any season, visitors enjoy seeing a giant giraffe, to a submarine or the Amazonian ladies near the lake.  Fall invites visitors to see the sculptures bask in the golden sun, the steel seemingly brightened by the color surrounding them.  Venture through the woods to find hidden sculptures or view the countryside from the top of the "Castle". 

Open May 1st through October 31st, the park welcomes visitors from dawn to dusk and features over 250 large scale sculptures.  Split in two sections, Rohr Hill Road Site and Mill Valley Road Site, both are equally interactive, and can be explored separately or with the connecting trails through the woods.  The park has been opened since the early 60's and holds the distinction of being one of America's largest and oldest sculpture parks. 

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