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When you think of New York, you probably envision tall buildings, bright lights and cement, the bustling crowds of people and noisy traffic, Madison Avenue and Wall Street.

Think again...

We are the other side of New York. We are the Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County in the Chautauqua-Allegheny Region of Western New York; where beautiful scenery displays forested, rolling hills and clean, sparkling lakes ...

Located in Western New York's scenic uplands, Cattaraugus County is a panorama of thriving communities, rolling farmlands, forests and picturesque waterways. Its wooded hilltops overlook valleys sculptured by glaciers of the Ice Age.

The Allegheny River flows through the southern towns, two cities and the Seneca Nation of Indians Reservation. This river offers recreation to thousands of fishermen, campers, boaters, and others along its banks and tributaries.

Cattaraugus Creek forms a major portion of the northern boundary of Cattaraugus County. This Creek runs through the spectacular "forever wild" Zoar Valley.

The scenery of the valley's gorge creates a narrow steep-walled canyon, while the valley offers a preserve for picnicking, sightseeing, hiking, fishing, and "white water" rafting.

Both Rock City Park in the Town of Olean, and Little Rock City within the Town of Little Valley, provide majestic geological formations offering a prehistoric experience which attracts geologists, naturalists, rock hounds, and the curious.

Golden sunshine and sparkling waters offer endless opportunities for boating, fishing, and camping such as can be experienced at Onoville Marina, Case Lake, Lime Lake, and Harwood Lake.  Or try the fishing at Lake Lane Fishing and Camping Getaway for an outstanding family experience.

During the winter, the hillsides are alive with skiers at Holiday Valley ("The Aspen of the East"), and HoliMont, and with snowmobilers at  Allegany State Park.

Scattered throughout the County's 1,336 square miles of land, are thirteen villages, thirty-two townships, and two cities.

  • Allegany State Park is the largest state park in New York State and the 3rd largest State Park in the United States.
  • Ellicottville, NY is the "Aspen of the East" home to 2 ski resorts and a tubing park.
  • Salamanca, NY is the gateway to Allegany State Park
  • New York's Amish Trail is in the western portion of Cattaraugus County.

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