Sky High Climbing Forest at Holiday Valley Mountain Resort

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climber being lowered to the ground

The Climbing Forest is the only one of its kind in the US. It was designed by Franz Muller of Monkey Hardware, a German company and Bahman Azarm of Outdoor Ventures. Outdoor Ventures is also the designer of Sky High Aerial Park.

There are 10 trees outfitted with color coded climbing holds and the difficulty ranges from very easy (yellow) to very challenging (purple). Each climber is fitted with a harness that is clipped into an Auto Belay system. Once a climber reaches the top of the tree, they just let go and the belay system slowly lowers them to the ground.

The minimum age to enjoy the Climbing Forest is 5 years old. There is also a kids’ area with two trees where the youngest climbers can climb about 6 feet up and climb back down.

The Climbing Forest is open from 9am to 6pm daily through Labor Day, then weekends through mid-November.

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